Strike “Oh No”tes

I heard you got a strike. Welcome to being a human being.

Let’s be clear—Leigh would get a strike working as his own company. No one is perfect. In order to maintain a fair and predictable work experience, we track when folks on our team have violated a policy. Many of these violations from our policies are reasons we have lost clients in the past. Yikes!

You can read more about the 3 strike policy (and how to remove strikes) in the handbook here: Please remember that the strike policy is simply a way to measure accountability to the policies at Cambre Company that help us stay ahead of the pack.

We appreciate you and your work, as well as your attention to this matter. We care very much for our team and do not enjoy giving out strikes. If you receive multiple strikes in the same category, we will schedule a call with you to discuss an action plan.

Words of Wisdom

Please find your strike category below for words of wisdom.

Arriving and/or punching in late to an event

We find that folks who have good arrival records tend to arrive 20 minutes before their call time so they can get oriented, greet the captain, put their stuff down, visit the restroom, and report back to the captain to begin work. And, remember, you can punch in when you are dressed and ready to work and with the captain, up to 10 minutes before the shift time.

Failing to both punch in and punch out using Nowsta

We find that folks who punch in regularly tend set an alarm on their phone to remind them to clock in and out. Remember, you can clock in when you are ready to work and next to a captain, up to 10 minutes before the shift time and you have 5 minutes after being cut by the captain to clock out.

Failing to follow-up with Cindy ( when there are issues with the app.

We understand technology doesn’t always work exactly as expected, so we’re happy to be of assistance. Just be sure that you send over an email to Cindy with screenshots and details immediately when they have an issue with Nowsta.

Arriving to a dressed call not dressed

We find that folks who arrive dressed  take a look at the event details while getting ready every single time. Some even arrive dressed to every event, regardless if it’s a dressed call or not. Take a moment to remind yourself of the event details, including if your call time is a dressed call or not.