Event Basics 101

Doing an event with Cambre Company? Here’s what you need to know. As always:

  • YOU MUST HAVE READ THE HANDBOOK IN FULL! Don't get a strike because you don't know what strikes are! Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/cambrehb

  • Don't forget to punch in and out using the Nowsta app! Your distance is being tracked, so only do it when you're there and before you leave!! Here's how it works (starting on page 14 to the end): bit.ly/nowstaworkers. Remember, you must *also* check in and out with the captain on-site. If you have any issues, please email cindy@cambrecompany.com with the issue and who checked you in on-site.

  • Everything you wear must be PLAIN. No stripes or textures. No pleats. No boots. Ironed and clean. Whites must be WHITE.

  • MEN: please arrive clean shaven or with a neatly trimmed beard.

  • Aim to arrive 30 minutes early and punch in asap (we will adjust to 10 minutes early). If, after all said and done, you're running late to a party, call or text the contact in the worker instructions section, not Marc. If you're going to be SUPER late (like 30 minutes and beyond), then let the client and Marc know, because he may need to get involved. You can reach Marc at 401.830.6763.

Have a great event. We appreciate you!