Selecting the best staff is extremely important to us. Referrals are our favorite way to get new staff, but we are open to anyone. Please fill out the application form below. Please know it sometimes can take a some time before we get in touch!

We know not everyone has an updated resume, so even a paragraph that is like a “cover letter” that lists the details of where you have worked in the city is fine. We’re looking for your experience, your skills and job duties, the companies you’ve worked for, etc.


  • NOTE: We do not train bartenders.
  • Please select all that apply:
  • PDF highly preferred
  • Don't forget to include your NYC catering companies. Include: length of time at a company and positions at each company. CHEFS: Resumes are required! I get asked to see them. WAITERS: What food service experience do you have? Do you know how to box a table? Do you know which side to serve food from in NYC catering? Which side to serve beverages from in NYC catering? Which side to clear from in NYC catering? BARTENDERS: What beverages are normally chilled at a typical NYC catering bar? Include the answers to this above.
  • If it's a friend who recommended you, PUT THEIR NAME IN HERE.