The Cambre Company has one simple philosophy:

…only the best.


Want staff that wows? Want staff that puts you at ease? Want staff that others will ask you, “Where did you find that waiter?”


Leigh Cambre, owner of the Cambre Company, screens every team member using the following guidelines:

  • Work Ethic
  • Professionalism
  • Capabilities
  • Appearance
  • Level of Experience
  • Reliability
  • Personality


**You’ll notice that half of this list is intangibles. Leigh believes in Danny Meyer’s 51% philosophy. You can teach nearly anyone the technical skills (the 49%), but there are some people who are just born with the right demeanor and attitude (the 51%). These are the ones that make the most impact. This is Leigh’s staff.

Book staff directly through Leigh. Or if you just want to chat, hit me up!